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Block is built well and strong. It fits in the lower snug as intended. A must have for assemblies and disassemblies.

June 25 2013

I have used this twice so far. Haven’t experienced any issues or problems with this product. It has functioned well. You can’t beat the price either.

June 25 2013

Great aid in holding the lower for work on assembly or modification. Prevents risk off damage to finish of the lower.

June 25 2013

I build complete upper assemblies and Rifle kits for a living from a well-equipped garage-gone-AR-morer’s bench. I have used most every type of block, and have my favorites for a few different types of jobs, but this one is easily one of my favorite options for dealing with the myriad of BILLET proprietary or Moly/Polylithic Receivers on the market today.

This will allow you to work on anything (just about) and when mounted into the vice horizontally, it can take far beyobnd 65 FT LBS of torque, in my experience at least. It should never have to take more than 50 if you’re doing it correctly, so I’m sure this will work for you too!!!

Other than the Geisselle Reaction Rod, this thing is as versatile as it gets.

June 25 2013

You won’t be sorry you bought this as you will protect your receiver from damage and securely hold it in place in your vise.Only problem I had was my vise only opened to 3 1/2 " and you need to open at least 4" I found a 4 1/2 at HD for less than $25.I could’ve borrowed my neighbors but I don’t borrow or lend tools.Easy way to lose friends as many times they can’t find their way home.

June 25 2013

The ability to clamp the entire upper receiver in the vise instead of just the lower half makes rebarreling a snap.

June 25 2013

I had bought my son a left handed AR-15 and wanted to install a different foregrip, meaning I needed to remove the barrel. Regular AR-15 upper receiver blocks will not work on a left handed AR.

This block worked perfectly and made the barrel removal a snap. Although there are 1 or 2 other blocks like these out there, none (that I can find) have the Plexy alignment plates and this set is atleast 1/2 the price of the other guys. The other guys blocks do have holes drilled in them and include retaining pins (this set doesn’t) but I didn’t find any need for them.

Although I doubt that I’ll ever be able to destroy these, I am thinking about getting a second set just to have on hand, in case a “Friend” ever needs to “borrow” them.

I can’t say enough about them and highly recommend everyone with an AR-15 getting them (they also work on right handed AR’s).

June 25 2013

I love the clear plastic pieces that come with it. They help hold everything together while you are trying to put the items in a vise.

June 25 2013

Dear Sir or Madam,

I just received my No-Mar Lower Receiver Vise Block for my AR-15 and I am very impressed! I am a machinist with well over thirty years’ experience in aerospace and prototype work and I tend to look at other machined products with a critical eye. It isn’t often that I see a product as well manufactured as your No-Mar Lower Receiver Vise Block. I know from personal experience that it can be difficult to mill plastic without leaving burrs behind yet your product is absolutely free of burrs and there is not a hint of any deburring having been done. In addition, the fit of the vise block into the mag well of my AR is spot on. Outstanding!!! I will pass on my praise of your work to my friends and those I meet at the range. Thank you for a quality product that is made in the USA!

December 28 2013

These tools are quality in both finish and function. I used the black AR15 upper blocks to install a compensator on my barrel. The blocks fit the weapon well, and held securely in place with no movement. As the name states, no damage to the finish whatsoever! Great products at half the price of other tools.

January 07 2014

Awesome product ,great quality would definitely recommend

February 24 2014

Fits well in Colt LE6920. Was leary after reading about other brands not fitting well or having to be trimmed to fit. This one snaps into place nicely, push the magazine release to release the block. Nice!

May 16 2014

Love my display stands for the 1911. They fit great and are much nicer than the wood ones I used previously. The clear stands highlight the gun because there is no distraction from the dark wood used in other stands.

June 27 2014

Great Upper blocks. I am impressed. That was really fast shipping. Don’t let it go. Outstanding Job.


September 02 2014

Bought the cleaning link-rear take down pin and the AR-15 lower vise block and am highly impressed with not only their obvious functionality but with the quality and the workmanship that is top notch. Did a lot of research and ended up going with PlastiXrevolution because their products are second to none. Thank you for making my cleaning and maintenance easy and efficient.

April 04 2015

The vice block fit great for my AR build, durable and sturdy. No problems what so ever. Super fast delivery as well. Great product!

April 06 2015

Block is great,fast shipping during holiday

May 26 2015

The SR25 lower receiver block is perfect. It fits a PSA PA10 lower. The fit is nice an tight but the plastic is smooth enough for easy sliding on and off. The block is very well built. I live in Michigan and I put my order in on a Friday and received it the following Wednesday. Highly recommended for builds and maintenance.

July 01 2015

1911 Clear Stands were promptly shipped and arrived in good order. Very well fabricated units. Exactly as advertised. Couldn’t be happier. Thanks.

October 21 2015

I purchased the AR15 upper receiver vice block and man was I impressed. It holds the upper in place very solidly, yet doesn’t mar the finish at all. This block kit is a must have!

October 26 2015

Received product very quickly (2 days after order). Fit and finish is perfect. Only regret is I did not use this product from the beginning of my AR build.

December 23 2015

Talk about quick shipping, I ordered on thursday and received my order on monday. That was surprising, and the product is Great.

January 12 2016

My 1911 vise block arrived today. Perfect fit for a full sized 1911, and made very well. I am going to recommend this to several of my friends that have 1911 pistols.
Great product and keep up the good work!!!!

February 01 2016

The AR15 Deluxe Upper & Lower Vise Block + Cleaning & Trigger Test set is incredible. My first build project went extremely well with this block set. I was able to test the trigger & hammer and measure the trigger pull weight with the trigger test block. Also, I can easily clean the upper receiver, chamber, and barrel the Cleaning Link. Very nice tool, PlastiXrevolution.

February 01 2016

Perfect, tight fit.. Used the upper /lower vise blocks to torque my new .300 blackout to an Aero upper. Built well, so now I am looking at some of their other tools

February 27 2016

I bought the MultiCal 223 / 308 AR15 & AR10 Upper & Lower Vise Blocks and a 1911 vise block. Couldn’t be happier with the products. The fit is nice and snug, and I love the fact I have a block to do both 308AR’s and AR15’s. Had I not “lost” my clamshell in an unknown box during my last move I would never have found out about plasticxrevolution, and now I recommend them to everyone. The fit on the lowers, uppers, and 1911 are nice and snug. The price is also very hard to argue with. Add a set of V channel vise jaws, or use your own barrel blocks, and you never have to worry about a sheared off index pin on your barrels.

March 04 2016

Great customer service! I received the parts to fish my first AR build and forgot I needed a good vise block! I called plastixrevolution on a Wednesday and the upper vise block was in my mail box Friday afternoon! The vise block was well manufactured and easy to use; I would definitely recommend Plastixrevolution to anyone in need of an AR vise block.

March 06 2016

This is a great upper vise block. I actually used a reaction rod to secure the barrel while torqueing the barrel nut, so my main reason for getting this was to securely hold the upper while I tapped in the barrel. Tight barrel to upper clearance means better accuracy.
As a bonus, the gas block was a very tight fit. Using the top half of the block set, it was easy to tap the gas block into place.
Thanks for a great product.

March 30 2016

I order the ar15/ar10 combo vise block and the block worked great. I was able to do work on both my of my Ar’s. The blocks are built well and are strong enough to do barrel install without any issues. Plus the customer service is AWESOME!!! So if you you a vise block don’t hestitate to order you won’t be disappointed.

May 30 2016

This company is AMAZING! I ordered some vice blocks and there was screw up at the post office with my address so I contacted their customer service to ask if they delivered to P.O. Boxes. Not only did they respond immediately they sent me another set of blocks to my PO box. Later on the post office found my original package and I returned it to them. I had such a great experience and JASON at customer service was great as well and kept in communication with me and made sure I was completely satisfied. I champion this company and will encourage everyone to purchase from you.

June 23 2016

First off my order was messed up. My fault really as I caused confusion. So I really had no beef and the mistake was minor. I sent them a note just more as a reference than anything. The response was one I can only to compare to that of Dillon Precision reloading as In NO BS warranty. He made it right, did it immediately and apologized for something I caused because they didn’t catch it. Talk about backing your product and company! Now on to the product itself. The quality is bar none, it works flawlessly holding my upper rock solid.

One happy customer.

Joseph S.

July 25 2016

BUY WITH CONFIDENCE. I have nothing but good to say about this company. I wrote them in the middle of the night to ask about shipping and they wrote me back within 3 hours (thanks for the help Jason). I placed an order for vice blocks early on a Thursday and had my blocks by Saturday at noon. And the shipping was free. This is how business should be done. thanks. -Justin B

August 13 2016

I am very impressed with the blocks. I’ve already used them, in building an AR and they are exactly what I need. The price, and really quick delivery were outstanding. Thanks

August 23 2016

A great product with even better customer service. I made the mistake of ordering the wrong upper receiver block, they bent over backwards to make it right for me. Customer service like that does not exist these days, wrong it does here! So rest assured that you not only get top notch products, you get a company that stands behind their products. The design, finish, quality and customer service are all the best you can get at, a good price. I don’t usually do reviews, this time I had to make an exception.

September 02 2016

I purchased a mag block for my first AR lower receiver builds and the block I received was sent very quickly, and works extremely well with my vice. I was able to build 3 AR lowers using the mag block and its still ready to take on more builds. I do want to mention that if you have a smaller vice block, it will slide. By smaller I mean from one of the support beams below the pincers to the top of the pincer it is 1 and a half inches. I would suggest purchasing a larger vice and maybe even mentioning to plastiXrevolution to make a mag block with a groove cut from the bottom, in the middle about half an inch thick and run from the bottom of the mag block up to about 2inches. This would give full grip to the mag blocks for smaller vices. It may even give more grip to the larger vices too. Thanks again. I plan to order the upper receiver vice block so I can build a few uppers.

September 06 2016

Have ordered a couple of the currency holder slabs. WOW!!! Nice quality and very well made. Thanks for providing a great product at a great price. Keeping your website tab open!! Thanks

September 12 2016

The multi caliber AR upper vise block is awesome as is the cleaning link. Super customer service, high quality tools and quick shipping not sure what else anyone could want.

September 23 2016

Great quality. Very nice finish and very well built. Bought 2 lower vice blocks, .223 and .308 and could not be happier. I was so impressed that I also ordered the multi caliber upper vice block for barrel removal and install. Very highly recommend!!

October 17 2016

Very happy with product. Makes my gunsmithing so much easier. Excellent quality. Locks things in place without the worry of damage when torqueing bolts, screws, nuts and well you name it. Wish you guys did 4 1/2 or 5 inch block too.. Thanks!

November 11 2016

I owe plastixrevolution a great big retraction. As my kit didn’t come with an instruction sheet I wasn’t aware it is not to be used for tightening the barrel. I posted a negative comment on this forum. I got a call from the owner the next day, and he blew my socks off. He immediately sent me a whole new kit and we talked for about 30 min about the construction and limits of the kit. He was genuine interested in my opinions on the kit and if I had any problems or concerns to call him immediately. I can’t ever remember anyone being this concerned about one customers issues. I am really happy I bought this action and look foreward to dealing with them again. NEAL.

December 04 2016

What a wonderful company! Great products, great prices and unbelievable customer service! Placed two orders over two separate weekends and items were promptly shipped on Monday and received across the country in two days. If all companies operated like this, no one could ever compete with America! Please continue to develop more products and don’t change a thing about your company!

March 24 2017

The shipping was lightning fast! It will work perfect with my side charging handle upper receiver! I ordered this tool last and it came in first! seems to be well built and am anxious to use it. I wish the barrel company shipped like this!!

April 12 2017

I got the AR 15 upper vise block and couldn’t be happier. The quality of the product is superb. I will be ordering the mag well block from them asap.

May 09 2017

I bought the AR vise block, and wow…very happy! Not only did ship immediately, it actually arrived a day early!

The vise block is a solid, well-finished piece of strong, serious hardware. It’s made so you can vise your rifle/carbine into the specific position you desire. Edges are all chamfered and clean.

I’m ordering another as a spare in case, God forbid, this one ever is lost or “walks away”. Now that I have it, I won’t work w/o it.

I took a chance on a company I had no info about or experience w/, and I am so glad I did. Thank you!

July 19 2017

Really great company, I had a very small 40.00 order I contacted them about because I needed it very badly and wanted to see when it could be sent out, they treated me as if I ordered 10,000.00 worth of product from them. Nice to deal with a place in this business that actually appreciates your business.

August 11 2017

Super fast shipping and these upper vice blocks look awesome. Will definitely make working on AR’s a snap.
Thank You: Greg Tyson

August 21 2017

I’m building a lefty Stag and this vise block combo will work! Super fast shipping from California to Northwest Ohio! Excellent service!!!

September 22 2017

Wow! What an awesome product. Ordered the deluxe upper block on Monday and Friday morning it was on my door step. This WILL NOT be my last purchase from plastixrevolution. Thank you for helping get my AR up and running at a very reasonable cost

October 21 2017

Ordered a black standard Upper block this past weekend and the block arrived here in South Central PA on Thursday from California. The quality of the product looks and feels great. Can’t wait to put it to work on my left hand Upper. Great looking product and equally great customer service.

October 26 2017

I purchased both the AR-15 and LR-308 upper receiver vise blocks and the LR-308 lower receiver vise block. My order arrived in three days from California to New Hampshire. I used the LR-308 blocks to remove and re-install a barrel as a test. Final torque on the barrel nut was 65 ft-lbs and the blocks were rock steady. I’ve also been using the receiver blocks to hold the upper assembly for barrel cleaning. I used the LR-308 lower receiver vise block to install a new trigger assembly. The lower receiver vise block can also be used for cleaning purposes as well if you don’t want to split your receivers. The finish on the vise blocks are very smooth and blemish free. I have three different brands of ARs and the fit of all the blocks and pins were very snug on every one. These are excellent products with a great finish and CLOSE tolerance machining that work very well at a VERY affordable price.

October 28 2017

If your building an AR9 then this product is for you. My AR15 vice block does not fit my 9mm upper. So I saw one of these No-Mar vice block sets online and had to have one. It works and fits perfect on my Frontier Armory side charging 9mm upper to torque down my new barrel and barrel nut. I would definitely recommend this product ! !

December 08 2017

I purchased the upper receiver vice block for a .308 DPMS Gen 2. It shipped priority, so arrived in 3 days. The item is well built and fit snug on my DPMS Gen 2 .308 upper. The top rail protector is a nice touch. This vice block is low profile, so it will fit in many smaller vices. I am impressed with this product.

January 19 2018

Epic!! I ordered the large currency display, and wasn’t disappointed, but more amazed and blown away!! GREAT product!! Fast shipment!! Was exactly what I wanted! Fantastic customer service!!

Now my 1918 $2 bill will be protected from just about anything!!

Highly recommended!!

February 07 2018

Exactly as advertised and just perfect. I got the item quickly and it’s probably the best $16 I’ve ever spent. I’ll be grabbing some more of your products to fill out my bench in the near future. This works exactly as expected and is going to make my builds much easier going forward. Thank you guys for doing it right!

May 15 2018

I screwed up my block, no fault of the manufacturer AT ALL. Just a bonehead mistake on my part. PlastiXrevolution sent me a new block…Their product is far above others I’ve tried. Tolerances are perfect and even though I broke the block, it still worked for my assembly. Can’t say enough positive about them. Outstanding company and taking the hit for MY mistake. Just shaking my head that they did this for me. You can’t go wrong with their product.

July 31 2018

I purchased the AR 15 combo kit. This is a super quality product and fits well. The shipping was super fast and the customer service is top notch.
Great product, Company, and Personnel.
Thank you very much.
Highly Recommend !!!!

September 20 2018

Late evening call to find an upper block for a REPR. Absolute Premiere Customer Service ! Thank you.

May 07 2019

After I had to cancel an order with another “planetary” online retailer due to they would not ship me my product, I found Plastix Revolution. The .308 upper and lower vice blocks are superb quality and shipped priority from Cali.

March 31 2020

Great products and first rate service. I recommend their products and give it 5 stars. First rate all around.


William Bryan

September 18 2020

Already had the AR-15 set. Just bought the AR/LR-10 set. You couldn’t ask for better service or performance. Thank you!

September 18 2020

I bought the LR-308 upper and lower block kit and the fit on my DPMS receiver both upper and lower is tight. I am glad that I found this company and I will be ordering a kit for my AR 15, an awesome product and awesome service. Shipping was quick and reasonably priced.

September 18 2020

I bought the 308 upper and lower combo kit. I just used it to disassemble and reassemble a customer’s 6.5 Creedmoor AR10 for Cerakote. The blocks worked perfectly. The upper block, used sideways in the vice in conjunction with the included top cap, was rock solid for torquing the barrel nut and installing a muzzle brake. The lower block fit the magwell perfectly and locked onto the mag release solidly for torquing the receiver extension castle nut. And as advertised, the plastic (polymer?) did not mar the finish at all. Definitely a worthwhile investment and at a very reasonable price. Two thumbs up from CoastalCerakote.Com

August 19 2021

No Mar vise inserts are the best on the market truly a life saver with Autosport connectors
Thank you for the easy checkout

August 19 2021

Highly Recommended!
I have both the AR15 and the AR308 blocks and they are outstanding and I recommend them to anyone looking at all the options on the market. The pins that are included also work extremely well for the Pivot Pin installation which is not advertised. I found that trick on my second build. Great Product!

August 19 2021

Very pleased and happy with my magazine vise block. I had a small issue but Jackie and the team were able to help me out!!! GREAT customer service!!!!!

August 19 2021

I literally can’t think of too many other tools more useful, versatile, and as tough as the AR mag well vise block.

Clicks in and holds tightly even upside-down, for say, a pistol grip installation. I’ve spent thousands of hours in my little shop, working on guns, cleaning guns, and assembling many configurations of the AR-platform.

I’ve since bought a No-Mar trigger test rig. Ingenious. And most importantly, saves your lower receiver from the dreaded crack/breakage that sometimes (rare…but does happen!) happens when test firing and letting the hammer slap the bolt catch/mag well area.

A final word on durability: My main workbench vise is in my unheated or cooled barn. The same No Mar mag well vise block has been in that vise 95% of the last 5 years through hot summers and freezing winters. It’s been hammered on and used as a bench block. It’s had various gun cleaning chems on it and never bubbled or melted or even so much as discolored. It’s tough.

I will be a repeat customer for many years to come.

August 19 2021

I have purchased a bunch of the 100 BEP displays. These are awesome displays that are crystal clear and very secure. I recommend them for safe keeping 100 note packs.

October 05 2021

I can’t say enough about the level of communication and customer service I’ve received from plastixrevoltion. I had some initial questions and they responded immediately with thorough information to help me out. They also went out of there way with accommodating me on a somewhat uncommon order l think. Ian and Jackie were very courteous and very knowledgeable. At one point I had failed to respond regarding the deal they were setting up for me for a few days to a family emergency. Not only did they continue to assist me they offered words of encouragement. I can’t remember when I had a better experience purchasing anything online or in a store front. Great company, great attitude, great communication, and excellent service. I haven’t received the order as I just placed it minutes ago but I couldn’t wait to leave feedback. From everything I read and learned these out quality pieces and American made so I’m more than confident I’ll be happy once they arrive. If your in to the AR platform I don’t believe you can find any better pieces to help with cleaning and assembly, the method they have come up with for holding your upper receiver seems second to none, and completely safe unlike some other methods that use what I can only assume are made in China pieces that may damage your receivers! I’ll post again once I receive my items. If your considering a purchase with them please don’t hesitate! You absolutely won’t regret it. Thanks again Jackie and Ian!

December 14 2022

All I can say is wow!! Ordered on Friday had following Monday. Worked great for barrel removal and attach to spec. Great piece, and the price was right. Did AR-15 7.62×39 plus great tool for other upper receiver vise work. Very impressed and give max stars

December 14 2022

I have purchased four of the 1911 pistol stands and they are fantastic with any size single stack 1911. They also work perfectly with mu Sig P220’s and my CZ 97. Thanks for an excellent product

December 14 2022

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