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22LR Clear Acrylic Pistol Stand

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NO-M.A.R® 22LR Clear Acrylic Single Stack Pistol Stand


  • Fits MK 1-2-3-4 22LR pistols
  • Fits 22LR Woodsman
  • Fits 22LR Buckmark
  • Steep grip angle fits most popular 22LR pistols
  • CNC Machined Crystal Clear Acrylic.
  • Showcase your Pistol Not the Stand!
  • Slim Footprint for High Density Displays.
  • Show off Your Beautiful Firearm...
  • Perfect for Gunshop Showcase Displays.
  • Easy Single Machine Screw assembly.
  • Insertion requires 3/8 wide mag body minimum
  • Hex Wrench for Assembly Included!
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed! Contact us anytime...