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AR-15 Brass SHARK Shell Catcher Quad Rail Mount

A2 / A3 BRASS S.H.A.R.K Shell Catcher for reloaders, target shooter, varmint hunters, and covert OPs!

This is a high quality brass catcher that mounts to your quad rail forearm! CNC machined from high strength, shatter proof clear Poly Carbonate so you can see how much brass you have in the hopper. The trap door on the front allows you to easily tip your muzzle down to empty the hopper without removing the Brass SHARK from your rifle! The hopper has a BIG capacity and easily swallows all the brass ejected from your port with no fuss, and it is fully adjustable for all kinds of different quad rail forearms. You can adjust the angle, front/rear offset and distance to the receiver, allowing you to customize the placement that best suits the characteristics of your receiver and bolt group. You've tried those other brass catchers, and we all know how they work, or don't work... not very well. You shouldn't have to pick up shells that got away from your brass catcher, and you should be able to put more than a couple dozen rounds in it before it stops working, or worse, jambs up your receiver with fouled shell cases! This brass catcher was designed with the varmint hunter in mind, easily swallowing 100 or more rounds without thinking about it, then safely, quickly and easily dumping your hopper and ready for more. The angled lower feed ramp not only directs brass to the bottom of the hopper, it also gives you plenty of room to reach and manipulate your magazine release, even for us bullet button slaves in the peoples republic of Kaliforniastan, you can reach in there with an allen wrench or finger tip button tool and easily press the magazine release. As you can see in the pictures, the bottom of the hopper is about the same length as a standard 30 round magazine, great for those of you running drills with high cap mags. For those of you with full float tube forearms you can drill and tap a few hole to attach a section of weaver rail just where you need it, I personally use a YHM customizable float tube with all the available mounting spots already built right in! just add rail sections to your hearts desire...

If you want to say goodbye to picking up dirty muddy brass and flimsy, floppy brass nets that won't stay in place, then say HELLO to the Brass SHARK... he's hungry for your shells!