Deluxe 223 *15 ATP + Pin Upper Receiver Vise Block | PlastiXrevolution


Deluxe 223 *15 ATP + Pin Upper Receiver Vise Block

  • CNC cut NO-M.A.R® polymer protects receivers finish.
  • Install and remove barrels that fit 223 *15 flat top receivers.
  • Works with bolt group and handle installed or removed.
  • Works in bench vises that open 4 inches wide.
  • Use horizontally to remove or install barrels.
  • Use vertically for cleaning and hand-guard removal.
  • Use on your bench top for easy manipulation.
  • Full width blocks support receiver when using small vise.
  • Includes 2 patented Anti Torque Plates for easy handling.
  • Heavy duty design helps remove stubborn barrels without risk!
  • note: this is not an accessory... this is a vise interface fixture