308 AR10A Lower Receiver Vise Block | PlastiXrevolution


308 AR10A Lower Receiver Vise Block

  • CNC cut NO-M.A.R® polymer protects receivers finish.
  • Universal Fit works with most 308 AR10A lowers
  • Install through top or bottom of Magazine Well.
  • Works with Upper Receiver installed or removed.
  • Provides Access to Trigger Guard, Pistol Grip & Buffer Tube.
  • Makes Trigger & Safety Installations Much Easier!
  • Works in Any Bench Vise, Large or Small.
  • Fits SR/LR AR10A (DP type) Lower Receivers.
  • Fits DPM 308 AR10A types only...
  • Does Not Fit 308 AR10B & AR10T
  • Great when Combined with our 308 Upper Block!